Current Boat Positions - Inside

BoatRiver MileDir As of
Bill AtkinsonLower Mississippi367.0N/B07/15 06:00
Bull CalfHouston Ship Channel18.76S/B07/15 18:55MAP
CarolineHouston Ship Channel31.93S/B07/15 18:58MAP
ChoctawLower Mississippi River125.26N/B07/15 18:55MAP
CoushattaHouston Ship Channel31.95S/B07/15 18:55MAP
Don BolingTennessee River4.0N/B07/15 06:00
Elizabeth LaneOhio River555.0S/B07/15 06:00
Elly LaneGulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW)-West467.00W/B07/15 18:55MAP
Eugenie J. HugerGulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW)-West288.74W/B07/15 18:55MAP
Eugenie P. JonesLower Mississippi River795.59N/B07/15 18:55MAP
Frank J. GolemiEast Canal101.0E/B07/15 06:00
George RoweWest Canal5.0E/B07/15 06:00
Gerald MajorsLower Mississippi730.0N/B07/15 06:00
Hallie M. MerrickWest Canal155.0W/B07/15 06:00
HamiltonYazoo River3.0S/B07/15 18:30MAP
Heavy LaneAlgiers Canal7.0E/B07/15 06:00
InnovatorLower Mississippi River125.35N/B07/15 18:55MAP
IntegrityGulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW)-West681.10W/B07/15 18:53MAP
Jane MerrickGulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW)-West179.12W/B07/15 18:55MAP
Joseph Merrick JonesLower Mississippi River228.00N/B07/15 18:55MAP
Killian L HugerOhio River758.20S/B07/15 18:55MAP
Lainey JonesOhio River934.0N/B07/15 06:00
Lake CharlesGulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW)-West606.69N/B07/15 18:50MAP
LibertyHouston Ship Channel37.08N/B07/15 18:55MAP
Liz SlossWest Canal439.0E/B07/15 06:00
Luke BurtonRed River92.05W/B07/15 18:55MAP
Lydia E. CampbellOld River1.00S/B07/15 18:55MAP
Mary Lucy LaneWest Canal5.0E/B07/15 06:00
Merrick JonesLower Mississippi River107.71W/B07/15 18:55MAP
Ned MerrickOhio River850.0S/B07/15 06:00
SpiritCalcasieu River33.65S/B07/15 18:55MAP
Susan J. GundlachUpper Mississippi River641.75E/B07/15 18:55MAP
Susan L. StallTennessee River324.00N/B07/15 18:50MAP
Walter HagestadAlgiers Canal5.78E/B07/15 18:53MAP

Current Boat Positions - Outside

BoatRiver MileDir As of
Cajun HustlerLower Mississippi228.0S/B07/15 06:00
Lemont TraderHouston Ship Channel364.0S/B07/15 06:00